Work created and produced by Original Pictures includes the drama series Falcon Beach for ABC Family and Global TV in Canada. Fremantle International Distribution has sold the show in more than 135 territories. The television movie A Bear Named Winnie, a co-production between OP and Power Television of the UK, won a Crystal Heart at the Heartland Film Festival in the United States and captured the biggest drama audience of the year for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

What’s Your News?

What's Your News Theme

Original Pictures' Kim Todd and Nicholas Hirst are executive producers of the second season of What's Your News?, a show for pre-schoolers featuring pre-schoolers' news as told to various correspondANTS - GiANT, ANTony, and others. What's Your News? is an international treaty co-production between Original Pictures in Canada and TT Animation, a subsidiary of Warner Bros in the UK. The series aired on CBC in Canada. It is co-created and produced by Larry Mirkin (Fraggle Rock) in Canada and Jocelyn Stevenson (Barney and Friends) in the UK.

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Prosecuting Casey Anthony

A movie for Fox Television Studios to air on Lifetime in the US, based on the book written by prosecuting attorney Jeff Ashton about his role in the infamous 2011 Florida murder trial. It stars Rob Lowe as Jeff Ashton, Elizabeth Mitchell and Oscar Nunez and is directed by Peter Werner.  Filmed in Winnipeg June, 2012 and produced by Kim Todd.

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Tasmanian Devils

Five daredevil friends break the rules and BASE jump into a remote area of Tasmania - where another group of devils is waiting for them when they land. Tasmanian Devils is a feature length classic horror thrill ride commissioned by Syfy, written by Brook Durham (Mammoth, Red: Werewolf Hunter) and directed by Zach Lipovsky (On the Lot) with heart-pounding action-suspense, and highly inventive mega-monsters. Starring: Danica McKellar, Kenneth Mitchell, Roger Cross, Mike Dopud, Terry Chen, Rekha Sharma and Apolo Ohno.

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The Christmas Hope

Two hour movie of the week produced with Craig Anderson Productions for Lifetime. The Christmas Hope is based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same title and is the third installment of a successful franchise including The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Blessing. It is a story of love in the face of loss; joy when all seems hopeless, and how light can shine into the darkest places. Premiered in December, 2009 on Lifetime Movie Network in the United States and on VisionTV in Canada.

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Throwing Stones

Produced with Curlers Productions Inc., the pilot aired on CBC in July 2009. It's about four working class women just trying to stay afloat amidst the chaos of life: demanding children, high-maintenance husbands, mortgages that keep them awake at night, uninspiring jobs, and all the challenges that come from being a wife, a mother and more significantly, a woman. BUT... all is forgotten, all is left behind when they are together, playing, training, and competing for their true love... Curling.

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Falcon Beach

Produced with Insight Production Company, the Gemini nominated 26-part series for Global TV in Canada and ABC Family in the United States continues where the two hour pilot ended and takes the characters through a summer at the beautiful lakeside resort. Full details of this fun-to-make, fun-to-watch series at The show's second season began airing in Canada January, 2007 and to audiences in the U.S. in April, 2007.

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