Original Pictures is a creative production company built on the talents of its founder and president, Emmy-award winner Kim Todd.

We create, develop and produce high quality dramatic series and films working with the best writers, creators and directors.

We provide production services to major studios and networks. We can advise on the best creative and financial jurisdiction to produce the highest quality drama with the best value for the dollar using our companies in Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary to access maximum incentives.

We provide the services of Kim Todd as producer to major studios and networks in the United States and Canada.

We partner with companies internationally and nationally to develop and produce treaty and non-treaty co-productions.

Kim Todd

Kim Todd is an Emmy-award winning producer of Fargo, the limited series inspired by the Coen Brothers’ feature film, created for television by showrunner Noah Hawley and produced for MGM and FX. Kim’s work on the first year of the series also garnered her Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice awards for best limited series, the David L. Wolper award from the Producers Guild of America and a Peabody; she earned the PGA David L. Wolper award and Critics’ Choice awards for the second season and was nominated for the latter two again for season three. Kim produced the first season of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency in Vancouver for AMC Studios, BBC America and Netflix before returning to produce the third season of Fargo. She produced the YouTube Premium drama series Impulse for Doug Liman's Hypnotic and NBC Universal. Kim was featured in Variety's Artisans Elite list of 2017. She produced the third season of The Handmaid’s Tale for Hulu and MGM also available in Canada on Bravo.

With OP’s Nicholas Hirst, Kim executive produced The Swap for Disney Channel and An En Vogue Christmas for Lifetime. Both projects filmed in Toronto in 2016 and 2015.

Kim produced the $17 million feature film The Journey Home with Italian and Canadian partners shot in Churchill, Manitoba, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario which was shown in theatres in Canada in Fall, 2015.

Kim was executive producer for the second season of OP’s pre-school children’s series What’s Your News?, which aired on CBC, and executive producer of Tasmanian Devils, filmed in British Columbia, which was broadcast on Syfy and on Showcase in Canada and is being sold worldwide by Echo Bridge Entertainment.

OP also filmed a franchise movie for Fox in 2013, Joyride 3, in Winnipeg, Manitoba which is available on VOD and DVD. In 2012 Kim Todd and Original Pictures produced Prosecuting Casey Anthony for Fox Studios that won its timeslot on Lifetime. Kim was executive producer, producer and showrunner of the series Falcon Beach for ABC Family in the US and Global in Canada which has been sold in more than 150 territories by Fremantle. She was showrunner and director for The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, a series for YTV in Canada, Fox Family in the US and the BBC, and producer and executive producer on the international hit television movie A Bear Named Winnie. Her work has been seen on FX, ABC, CBS, PBS, Showtime, Disney, BBC, CBC, CTV, Global, YTV, TMN, Super Channel, Showcase and various international broadcasters and has earned several Geminis (the Canada screen award), including for best children’s series and for best movie or miniseries, a Cable Ace and a collection of international prizes.

You can learn about why Kim is a producer, in her own words, here: http://film.athabascau.ca/interview/kim-todd-part-2-life-producer

Nicholas Hirst

CEO Nicholas Hirst runs the corporate, administrative and financing functions of Original Pictures. He was an award-winning newspaper editor, is a member of the WGC and worked for the Times and Financial Times of London as a writer with a stint as Washington correspondent. He works as a producer and executive producer for Original Pictures.

Leslie Cowan

Leslie Cowan is President, Original Pictures Alberta. A producer and unit production manager, Leslie has been producing and production managing in Alberta for over 25 years, with Emmy-award winning credits that include co-producer and unit production manager for all three seasons of the Emmy-award winning series Fargo, UPM for the Steven Spielberg/TNT Emmy-award winning mini-series Into the West, and the ABC/Hallmark miniseries Dreamkeeper. With over 40 production credits, Leslie has worked for Warner Bros, MGM, Disney, New Line Cinema, Miramax, Lifetime, Revolution Films, Mandalay Entertainment, Lifetime, FX, CBC, CTV and Syfy networks. She brings a wealth of production knowledge and experience to the Original Pictures’ family. 

Jessica Dunn

Jessica Dunn is the company’s development coordinator (see contact us for submissions and for co-production opportunities) and associate producer. She produced the short film Otto and Astrid with the cult comedy musical duo Die Roten Punkte, the online series Cubicle Land and the PSA music video Crystal an anti-crystal meth message couched in a horror movie. Jessica is usually the first person to contact at OP.

Sumei Lai

Sumei Lai rounds out our small executive team as the company’s accountant including handling our projects in post-production and development. She plays a vital role in maintaining the company’s excellent reputation for integrity by ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of all financial, distribution, development and marketing cost reports.