The Swap - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment

Body-switching comedy The Swap starring Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand will air on Disney Channel Friday, October 7th in Canada and the US. Filmed in Toronto in Spring, 2016, The Swap is based on the book of the same name by Megan Shull. In The Swap Ellie O’Brien (played by Peyton List) is a rhythmic gymnast with a pending make or break competition and Jack Malloy (played by Jacob Bertrand) is the youngest son in a hockey family vying for a varsity spot on his school team. When Ellie and Jack's paths unexpectedly cross, during a time when their athletic pursuits are on the line and they are each dealing with issues at home, a simple text results in them actually swapping bodies. As a result, they have to navigate the other's sport, which they know nothing about, as well as each other's school and social lives without completely unraveling everything. The Swap is adapted for television by writers Charlie Shahnaian and Shari Simpson; it's directed by Jay Karas and produced by Mar Vista Entertainment and Original Pictures.