Work created and produced by Original Pictures includes the drama series Falcon Beach for ABC Family and Global TV in Canada. Fremantle International Distribution has sold the show in more than 135 territories. The television movie A Bear Named Winnie, a co-production between OP and Power Television of the UK, won a Crystal Heart at the Heartland Film Festival in the United States and captured the biggest drama audience of the year for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Guinevere Jones

A 2002 26-part children’s series shot on HD in Australia with Crawford Productions Ltd; aired on YTV in Canada, Network 10 in Australia and around the world. Gwen Jones is the re-incarnation of the legendary Guinevere of the Arthurian legends. Thrust into the intrigue of a normal high school, Gwen battles demons and magicians modern and ancient who travel through time spreading both good and evil - Firmly based both on high school life and the world of mystery, magic and Merlin. Created by Elizabeth Stewart and starring Tamara Hope as Gwen.

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